We Are Now Offering Estate Sales!

Thank you for your interest in our estate sales.  We are incredibly excited to be offering this service to you as well as to all the eager shoppers in Jefferson County.  As avid estate sale and garage sale goers ourselves, we know exactly what works and what doesn’t.  We know how to properly advertise a sale to attract shoppers, and how to lay out and display sale items for maximum appeal.  We are professional, courteous, friendly, always on time, and exceptionally organized.  Most of all, we appreciate and understand what you, our client, is going through, whether it be a major life transition or loss of a loved one.  We want to make your transitional process as smooth and profitable as possible.

 So… how does it work?

 Step One: We begin with a free in-home consultation to discuss your needs and look over your items.  We will take our time and be thorough, so expect the consultation to last anywhere from one to three hours, depending on the size of the estate.  We will take lots of pictures of your items.  If we see something we cannot determine the value of, we will take our photographs to an expert.  At the conclusion of the free consultation, you will be notified of your base fee, which is determined by our assessment of the level of work necessary to get your sale put together.  In other words, if we feel like it would take a tremendous amount of time and effort to organize the sale, your base fee will be higher than if minimal effort and time is required.  We have three base fees that range from $50 to $300.  We will leave you with a contract to look over and sign, which we will collect during our second visit to your home.

 Step Two: Our second visit to your home will involve a full day’s work of organizing, arranging, and pricing.  Sometimes this step takes more than one day.  We will do this step two to three weeks before the date of the sale.  We will do very light cleaning as needed to ensure a comfortable sale, such as vacuuming, mirror cleaning, and countertop cleaning.  As we finish up with Step Two, we will take photos of some of your great items to promote the sale.

 Step Three: We will come by the day prior to the sale to make sure everything is in order.  Because we conduct our sales on Fridays and Saturdays, Step Three generally occurs on a Thursday. 

 Step Four: Sale time!  We will arrive bright and early before the sale’s start at 9 a.m.  We do ask that the homeowner or caretaker be not present during the sale.  Our sales begin at 9 a.m. and conclude at 3 p.m.  After the first day of the sale, we will organize things again to make them appealing to new shoppers.  At 12 p.m. on the second day of the sale, we will reduce our prices on many of the items to encourage sales.  Items that do not get sold by the conclusion of the sale will be donated to charity.  Alternatively, the client has the option of keeping them. 

 Step Five: The sale is done!  Over the course of the following week, we will remove any leftover items so that the house is empty.  We are not a cleaning service, but are happy to make local recommendations.  We will write you a check for all items sold minus our service fee of 30%.  So, for example, if the total amount of money earned from the sale is $3,200.00, we will write you a check for $2,240.00.

 Do we take every job we’re offered?  No.  In some rare instances, such as a home with extreme amounts of clutter and hoarded items, we will politely decline the job, as our small team is unable to put in the hours needed to clean and organize the sale.  Another instance where we would turn down a job would be if there were too few items to sell.  If you don’t have an “estate’s worth” of items, we will recommend you consider holding a garage sale. 

 For more information or to schedule your FREE consultation, email: snowberryeventdesign@gmail.com